Buyer Tips

  • What to Look For When Buying a Condo

    Buying a condo is a great way to own a home without the upkeep or maintenance required that comes with a single-family home. A condo may also offer buyers the advantage of being in a better location or getting more amenities with purchase. The buying process can be overwhelming, but there are some key tips to consider in helping make it easier.

    Experience matters.

    Work with an Experienced Realtor – Finding a realtor that has experience selling condos is a huge benefit. A realtor with a proven track record will be able to best advise you on location, the community, value, and the association documents. Having an agent, you can trust is a great peace of mind and will help you find the best community for you.

    So does your lifestyle.

    Find a Community That Suits Your Lifestyle – If you like to maintain an active lifestyle, then finding a condominium development with a clubhouse, social calendar, and activity options is a great idea. If you want to maintain privacy, then a villa style condo might be a better option. Hate to maintain the yard or exterior? Then you’ll want a maintenance-free development. How you want to live is a crucial factor when looking at condos.

    Yes, there are rules.

    Know the Association Rules and Regulations – In addition to a mortgage, buyers will need to pay Association Dues. These fees cover upkeep of common elements, insurance, maintenance of amenities, and more. You’ll want to review those fees and know exactly what they cover. Buyers will also want to familiarize themselves with the Regulations, or Rules of the community. This may include; how the dues are paid, rental or guest restrictions, using amenities, quiet hours, etc.

    Hidden expenses exist.

    Ask About Pending Special Assessments – Special Assessments are funds needed to tackle an unexpected or special project. As a buyer, you’ll want to know if there are any of these pending approvals or being discussed. A well-run condo association would not have these with any regularity. This is also a reason an experienced realtor would help as they could answer any questions regarding special assessments.

  • Tampa Condo Buildings With The Best Pools

    When you’re shopping for a condo in Florida, amenities of the property are a big factor to consider. At the top of the list of desired amenities is of course…the pool. Dive! into the following information on 3 properties with amazing pool atmospheres.

    Plaza Harbour Island

    If you want to spend your weekends lounging at an amazing pool, it’s hard to beat Plaza Harbour Island. This property has a resort style pool that is the perfect cure for the Florida heat. The heated pool area has lounge seating and some cabanas for residents to utilize. The property has other amenities like a lounge, gym, and valet, but their infinity pool is a premier feature! You can check out photos of the pool online.

    If you want to spend your weekends lounging at an amazing pool, it’s hard to beat Plaza Harbour Island

    SkyPoint Condos

    SkyPoint Condos, a beautiful high-rise condo building in Tampa has premier features designed for a luxury lifestyle. The building is 32 stories high with signature views. The property has an array of amenities and it located near some of Tampa’s most popular restaurants. Most of the resident amenities are located on the 8th and 9th floors. Alongside grilling areas, a theater, and gym there is a magnificent pool and hot tub area. A pool, and relaxing hot tub, with a panoramic view of beautiful Tampa Bay is tough to beat!

    Towers at Channelside

    Towers at Channelside in Tampa has a pool are you must see to believe. The pool deck area is simply massive. It feels like a pool you’d see at an inclusive Caribbean Resort or Las Vegas Casino Hotel. If you’re a buyer after a decadent, luxurious, pool…then Tower’s at Channelside should be your new home. The property and condo units themselves are also impressive. There is an on-site dog run, social room, BBQ area, concierge services and more. With the combination of a full outdoor kitchen, BBQ area, and sprawling pool area, you won’t spend much time eating indoors!

  • Find a Condo Near Tampa’s Coolest Coffee Shops

    Who doesn’t love a good local coffee shop? As you probably already know, Tampa is a heavy coffee consumption city and many coffee houses and cafes around town offer unique tropical blends, cold brews, baked goods, and much, much more. So if you’re new to the area or just happen to be looking for a new place and being close to a top-notch cup of Joe is a priority for getting your day started off on the right foot, why not search near some of the best coffee shops in the Tampa area?

    The Lab Coffee Shop

    The Lab Coffee Shop, located in a fabulous part of North Hyde Park, opened its doors in 2016 and has been gaining a loyal customer base ever since. They have flavored coffees, espressos, treats, and a fun experienced staff. They also host classes on how to roast coffee at home or for beginner baristas to learn new skills. The Lab is positioned around new North Hyde developments, apartments, and an area with a transitional energy.

    Search Tampa condos near The Lab Coffee Shop

    Foundation Coffee

    Second on our list is, Foundation Coffee, a Tampa coffee shop dedicated to the delicate art of crafting coffee. Foundation has a true passion for what they do and providing their customers a quality product. Foundation found success with their first location and now have a shop in Riverview and a 1200 sq. ft. location in Tampa Heights. They offer free Wi-Fi and ample space for patrons to work or socialize indoor and outdoor. They have a versatile menu and encourage you to bring your furry friend along with you!

    Search Tampa condos near Foundation Coffee

    Blind Tiger Café

    Any coffee lover would love a visit to Blind Tiger Café. They cater to the true coffee connoisseurs with great roasted coffee served by the best baristas in the area. The Blind Tiger can easily be described as “a speak-easy meets coffee shop” and provides a one-of-kind experience to its customers. You can order kombucha, cold brew, cappuccinos, teas, and of course a variety of responsibly sourced coffee. Stop in to the original in Ybor City and pick up a coffee to pair with an awesome Ybor City Cigar.

    Search Tampa condos near Blind Tiger Café